Professional Clips

Some highlights from a few years writing for Inside Washington Publishers. Please note that IWP is paywalled, so some links will only open a preview. Please reach out to me if you want to see more samples.

RESTRICT Act reaches support of 18 senators

Legislation to change the U.S. approach to regulating technology threats from foreign adversaries is picking up steam, with 18 senators now in support of a bill that could have serious effects on Chinese social media company TikTok.

Top House Republicans pen concerns about Russia and China’s nuclear cooperation

The National Security Agency should take a stronger approach to restrict Russia’s supply of nuclear material to China, the chairmen of three key House committees said on Friday.

DOD requests loosening of drone-defense restrictions on foreign bases

Congress should give the Pentagon more authority to defend against unmanned aircraft abroad, the Defense Department says.

In a legislative proposal released last week, DOD pushed for the modification of federal laws it says limit its ability to defend against drones outside of the U.S.

DOD requests cross-fiscal year authority for Ukraine funding

Seeking longer-term Ukraine assistance funding, the Pentagon has requested the renewal and modification of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

In its first legislative proposal package — sent to Congress last week — the Defense Department is asking for the release of $300 million from the USAI and the extension of its support through 2027.

Pentagon IG to probe land purchases near military bases

The Defense Department’s inspector general has opened a probe involving the national security risks associated with purchases of land near military installations by foreign entities.

House Armed Services panel hears testimony on special ops in ‘great power competition’

Special operations forces should take on a more targeted and supportive role in an evolving era of great power competition, two analysts told House lawmakers on Wednesday.

Apparel and footwear trade group urges Congress to extend AGOA now

The American Apparel and Footwear Association this week urged Congress to extend the African Growth and Opportunity Act for 10 years.

Peterson, Walorski bill would extend tariff exclusions for Chinese goods

Agriculture Committee Chair Collin Peterson (D-MN) and Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) have introduced legislation to extend tariff exclusions on Chinese goods, they said in a July 16 statement.

Pentagon tester calls MPF progress ‘satisfactory,’ cites ‘vulnerabilities’

The Pentagon’s top weapons tester has recommended fixes to the Army’s Mobile Protected Firepower system — including mitigating toxic fumes inside the light tank — which is making “satisfactory” progress toward operational effectiveness.

DOT&E recommends more testing for CROW-J vehicles

The Army should establish a failure review board for the Stryker Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station-Javelin to understand why tank-killing technology, which commanders say is urgently needed, did not pass muster during operational testing, according to the Pentagon’s top weapons tester.

Outside voices: Eyeing an investment and trade deal for COVID-19 vaccines

The U.S. should join with other nations to forge an investment and trade deal that would ensure all countries equitable access to a COVID-19 vaccine, two analysts said on Tuesday.

Pompeo sees ‘shift’ to Trump administration position on China: ‘The world has awakened’

U.S. allies are beginning to feel more comfortable standing up to China “so long as America is prepared to do it alongside them,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday.

GOP senators: GHG regulation would needlessly burden defense contractors

Republican senators are urging the Pentagon to reverse course on a proposed rule that would mandate detailed tracking and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for defense contractors, which they contend would drive up costs and prioritize “environmentalism” over national security.

Pentagon wants DIB to assist in developing S&T strategy

The Pentagon has directed its recently rechartered Defense Innovation Board to create a task force to provide advice on the development of a national defense science and technology strategy.